3/4″ ZoomLock MAX 45-Degree Elbow (MZK-45E12-HNBR)



Item Information

Parker ZoomLock MAX refrigerant press fittings allow the contractor to successfully make leak-free connections with a press fitting system without the use of a brazing torch. ZoomLock MAX refrigerant press fittings reduce installation costs, is more repeatable than brazing, improves system cleanliness, and creates secure leak-free copper tube connections.


Technical Specifications

  • Inlet Connection Size:3/4″
  • Outlet Connection Size:3/4″
  • Fitting Type:45 Degree Elbow
  • Minimum Burst Pressure:2100 psi
  • Maximum Operating Temperature:250 F
  • Minimum Operating Temperature:-40 F
  • Maximum Operating Pressure:700 psi
  • O-Ring Material:HNBR
  • Model Number:MZK-45E12-HNBR
  • Refrigerant Type:32, 125, 134a, 290, 404A, 407A, 407C, 407F, 407H, 410A, 417A, 421A, 422B, 422D, 427A, 438A, 444A, 447A, 447B, 448A, 449A, 450A, 452A, 452B, 452C, 454A, 454B, 454C, 457A, 459A, 507A, 513B, 600A, 718, 1234yf, 1234ze, HYCOOL 20
Connection Type

Press x Press



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