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Oatey All-Flash High-Rise Roof Pipe Flashing

Oatey All-Flash High-Rise Roof Pipe Flashing



Patented 1-piece design; sealing collar will not come off. Capable of working on roof-pitch from 10 deg. to 60 deg. without stress on collar. Tear-away ring on collar provides options for sealing different pipe sizes and types. Larger thermoplastic base than normal NO-CALK flashings. Never needs caulking. Sealing collar rides with the pipe as it expands and contracts during temperature fluctuations. Leak-free seal. Won’t rust, corrode, warp, or track; lays perfectly flat on the roof. Designed to seal all types of pipe, such as copper, cast-iron, plastic, aluminum, and galvanized.

Manufacturer No. 11931
Pipe Size: 3″ to 4″
Roof Pitch: 10 to 60
Type: Flexible
Color: Black
Material: Thermoplastic