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EzAccess Dryer Vent Hood And Pipe

EzAccess Dryer Vent Hood And Pipe



Hinged and louvered cap with aluminum pipe. 3 louver damper system prevents cold air, snow, pests, or rain from entering the house. Locks in open position for easy removal of lint and debris to keep the dryer running efficiently. UV-resistant white plastic hood is paintable. Includes 4″ diameter louvered vent cap and 4″ x 11″ aluminum pipe. Retail box.

Manufacturer No. BHLH4WZW
Size: 4″ Dia Louvered Vent Cap & 4″ x 11″ Pipe
Material: Paintable White Plastic
Color: White
Faceplate Size: 6.125″ W x 7″ H
Pkg Qty: 1
Package Type: Box