Malco Andy Combination Snips

Malco Andy Combination Snips



Andy combination snip for vinyl. Cut through heavy vinyl siding lockseams and more with ease. The MV12 aluminum handles snip is part of of the legendary Andy Snip line of light-weight snips with the strength of steel. This unique Andy combination snip design features a knife-lie cutting edge to produce a smooth slicing action for easy one-hand operation. Offers optimal blade alignment when making straight cuts or left or right circular cuts in a variety of non- ferrous material including: Layered components of heavy-grade vinyl siding, aluminum trim coil, landscape edging, vinyl flooring, carpeting, and leather. Replacement blades are easily installed in the field. For replacement blades, refer to Model No MV12RB. Please note the Andy MV12 Snip is not for cutting steel.

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Manufacturer No. MV12
Length: 12 In.
Type: Vinyl Cutting Tin
Style: Straight
Cutting Length: 3 In.
Handle Color: Black/Red
Capacity: Non-Ferrous Material
Pkg Qty: 1
Package Type: Card