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Apollo PEX Cinch Clamp Tool


ApolloPEX B ratcheting pinch clamp hand tool provides extreme versatility. Designed for creating secure stainless steel pinch clamp connections in combination with PEX-B barb fittings within PEX-B piping systems. Pinch clamp hand tool is compatible with 3/8 In., 1/2 In., 3/4 In., and 1 In. pinch clamps. The LED (light emitting diode) indicator visually confirms a complete connection has been made. Compact design allows for ease of use in tight spaces and manifold installations. Ratcheting design reduces incorrect connections. For use with Apollo, Murray, and Oetiker PEX-B stainless steel pinch clamps. Do not use with Zurn Qickclamp. Do not use this ratcheting tool to remove pinch clamps. Conforms to ASTM F2098 standard. No. 69PTBJ0010C: Size: 3/8 In. to 1 In., Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Box