SharkBite CTS X CTS X PVC Slip Tee

SharkBite CTS X CTS X PVC Slip Tee



SharkBite 1/2 In. CTS X 1/2 In. CTS X 1/2 In. PVC Slip Tee. The SharkBite PVC Transition Slip Tee allows you to add a line into your existing plumbing system while converting from Copper (CTS) pipe to PVC pipe. The slip feature allows you to cut into an existing Copper or CPVC pipe and run out PVC Schedule 40, 80 or 120 from the Tee. The white collar center connection fits Schedule 40, 80 or 120 PVC and also can be used on IPS CPVC Schedule 40 and 80 pipes. The tan collar ends fit CTS Copper, PEX, CPVC or PE-RT pipe. Simply insert the slip coupling onto the pipe and using the PVC Depth Gauge and Disconnect Clip to slip the fitting back onto the other end of pipe completing the connection. Can only be used on copper, CPVC and PVC (Schedule 40, 80 and 120) pipe. SharkBite push-to-connect design makes for quick and easy installation requiring no soldering, glue, unions or tools. Fitting can be rotated on pipe after installation making it easier to work in tight spaces. Designed for potable water distribution and corrosion resistant to improve longevity. Certified as a manufactured joint and for underground and behind-the-wall applications without access panels. Listed by IAPMO and designed certified and listed to NSF/ANSI 61, NSF/ANSI 14, and NSF/ANSI 372. Meets all UPC, IPC, and cUPC requirements. Demount clip allows user to release the fitting from the pipe for convenient installation flexibility and is sold separately.

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Manufacturer No. UIP375A
Size: 1 In. CTS x 1 In. CTS x 1 In. PVC
Material: Brass
Type: Slip Tee
Temperature Rating: 200 F
Pressure Rating: 200 psi
Pkg Qty: 1
Package Type: Bag