SharkBite Push-to-Connect Faucet Adapter

SharkBite Push-to-Connect Faucet Adapter



Chrome-plated faucet connector 1/4″ SB (SharkBite) x 1/2″ FIPS (Female iron pipe size). The fitting can be used with copper, CTS (copper tube size), PEX (cross-linked polyethylene), and CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride), and is rated at 200 deg F, 200 psi (pounds per square in). It is made of 1-piece DZR (dezincification-resistant) brass. Fittings can be buried and placed behind drywall. Fittings are removable and reusable. Product is individually bagged.

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Manufacturer No. U3525LFA
Size: 1/4″ x 1/2″
Type: Faucet Connector
Material: Chrome Plated Brass
Temperature Rating: 200 F
Pressure Rating: 200 psi
Pkg Qty: 1
Package Type: Bag