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SharkBite Silicone Pipe Wrap

SharkBite Silicone Pipe Wrap



SharkBite 10′ X 2″ X 0.02″ silicone wrap is a self-adhesive tape that protects brass fittings from contaminants that can be found in ground conditions. Underground burials of SharkBite fittings require that the fitting be wrapped in an impermeable material in order for a warrantied connection. This wrap stretches up to 300% for easy use and creates a watertight seal by bonding within minutes. Working temperature from -65 to 500 degree Farenheit. Wrap comes in 10 ft long rolls.

Manufacturer No. 25406A
Size: 10′ X 2″ X 0.02″
Material: Silicone
Pkg Qty: 1
Package Type: Roll