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Watts Hot Water Pump Recirculating System

Watts Hot Water Pump Recirculating System



All new hot water recirculating pump turns your existing plumbing system into a hot water loop. Installation is a breeze, recirculating pump mounts onto the hot water outlet on your water heater, 24 hour timer on pump can be set to turn pump On/Off during high demand periods or pump can run continuously. The thermal sensor (thermal check valve) installs into the furthest lavatory faucet from the water heater on the plumbing run. The thermal sensor opens to allow the cooled water in the hot water line to be pumped out through to the cold water line and delivers hot water when you want it. Saves 10,000 gallon a year in wasted water. 120V pump motor with 10′ grounded plug.

Manufacturer No. 0955800
Voltage: 120 V.
Cord Length: 10 Ft.
Material: Cast
Color: Blue
Length: 5.25 In.
Width: 4.5 In.
Height: 5.63 In.
Pkg Qty: 1
Package Type: Box